Tuesday, 28 February 2012

From Pete

Currently, garden birds are setting out territory aggressively. They will attack anything that looks like a competitor- the Merc wingmirror got attacked & crapped upon in a big way yesterday! Attach one of your paintings beside/next to a mirror, or put a mirror in a panel inside your painting and hang it out in a garden near a bird table- watch it attacked & crapped on!

From Jenny

Here is your painting at 13.59 on Sunday - not yet drowned!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Project

Just to explain what the project is about. My project is about the journey of life and fate, The paintings are of myself at different stages of my life, from child to old man. Just like how we put ourselves into the world and into different situations we are unsure of how we will end up and what will happen to us. Also I see painting as an incidental process, you never really know what is going to happen when you go in to the studio. The painting and the marks you create are evidence of that time you spent in the studio, it tells the story of what happened. I want to extend the process of creating a painting and hope that my paintings will bare the physical evidence of their lives. Anyway please leave any comments and e-mail me any photos at bertie@rock.com so I can put them up on the site. This project has many metaphors associated, and depending on the good will of others is one of them. Also if you can think of any other exciting processes I can inflict on my paintings please let me know. Many Thanks and best wishes.


Today I decided to see how the tide would affect my paintings. Watch me drown. Please send any photos anyone took to bertie@rock.com so I can put them up, I would be so happy as my camera was rubbish plus its just great to see people getting involved! Thanks people, love you all

I may get hit by a bus in a minute!

1. Paint a painting of yourself in 20 years time
2. Leave it in the middle of the road during rush hour

3. Explain what it has to do with Art

Technical issues

Hey People sorry having technical issues at the moment, please e-mail any images or comments you have to bertie@rock.com and I will upload them for you. Many thanks I cannot tell you how much I would appreciate your images.