Sunday, 29 July 2012

Afterwards and before

You wonderful wonderful people, I've finished, Thank you so much for all your gifts, every single one of them has been an absolute joy to my heart, I knew I could rely on you, which is the point of the whole exhibition, Belief in the love of humanity, belief in comedy, belief in happiness and belief in friendship. I will get on the case in sending you back your gifts from me, unless of course you are coming tonight in which case you will recieve them then. I'm sorry I could never return the gesture in as beautiful as way as you have, but I do believe I have in some way given you the gift of art in creating your own piece. Which is apparently my job, and my role as an artist in society. Despite my return gifts have taken me frickin hours, they are merely a small token of appreciation for the love you have shown me and your willingness to get involved. Love you all, and I'll keep you posted on what I want you to do next, for this is merely the beginning of something which is apprently called 'relational aesthetics'!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Exhibtion Speil!

True love only exists if you believe in it.

A Shrine to Humanity

John Albert Young’s work examines the ideal of Love, in both sharing his own experience and sharing the love between humanity.

Young has used non-specific religious artefacts to create a shrine to true values that questions our notions of belief. True values in modern society have become clouded perhaps owing to the general lack of belief in religion. The work is a celebration of true values; love, friendship, happiness, comedy and ambition.  Young questions the role of the Artist within society and believes that the Artist has a responsibility to remind people of the more important non materialistic things in life. Young has reached out to a wide number of followers on the internet and has encouraged people to take part in the show. The participants have created their own art works as an offering to the shrine; the gifts are a testament to the beautiful nature of humankind.

The Shrine to Self Destruction

“There is no such thing as a selfless act” - Confucius

With a particular interest in philosophy pertaining to the notion of free will and fate, Young creates an alternate path and outcome, should Love had not found him. Young allows his audience to enter the dark side of his thoughts. Meant as a polar opposite to the Shrine to Humanity, Young creates an entirely selfish character, a projection of the demon that is perhaps inside all of us. Young’s work questions the notion of free will and existentialism but also how our emotions are so inextricably linked to our philosophical preferences.

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.”  - Eric Fromm

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Role of the Artist

I believe that everyone has a role within society and that the role of the artist is to remind people of the other side of life, or to distract them momentarily from reality. It's more of a reminder than a message
Please leave your comments, or  disagree with me entirely. I personally don't believe most of the constant speil that comes out of my mouth, who am I to when a perfectly sensicle person on the other side of the world believes something else?

Thursday, 12 July 2012


AMBITION is key to everything, if you have ambition you cannot fail, because if you have so much AMBITION you feel like you can change the world, if you do not change the world, you will have in some way by trying.
* note: remeber some people have changed the world with their ambition, so however mediocre your ambition, its possible!
Please leave your comments they mean a lot to me. (even the negative ones are gretly apprieciated!)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Was wondering about the possible assumption of pretentiousness of my work, but although I would not deny I am fairly pretentious, it is the self confidence and self belief that enables us artists to do what we do. (certainly not the money!) Ambition is one of the most important things in the world to believe in, especially in a society in which we a forced into a specific place in line. My work is about believing in true values such as Ambition, Love, Friendship, Comedy and Happiness. The supossedly unessential things in today's materialistic society. And what is our role as artists if not to remind people of the unessential things in life - The Lovely Side!
My work could not exist without my faith in the lovlieness of humanity, my work could not exist without you beautiful people. My intention is that everyone who participates would recieve as much as they give, for giving is recieving. x
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The Foundation for Human Happiness

I have realised that this project will progress way beyond the exhibition, I intend to share the love of humanity through Art until I have changed the world! Or died (fact!) The most beautiful thing is I know I can rely on you people, because you believe in goodness, and lovliness. Art has the power to allow us to escape the real world. If you would like to get involved please read the info below, but keep in touch and become a follower to be kept up to date on how you can help change the world! X
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