Sunday, 29 July 2012

Afterwards and before

You wonderful wonderful people, I've finished, Thank you so much for all your gifts, every single one of them has been an absolute joy to my heart, I knew I could rely on you, which is the point of the whole exhibition, Belief in the love of humanity, belief in comedy, belief in happiness and belief in friendship. I will get on the case in sending you back your gifts from me, unless of course you are coming tonight in which case you will recieve them then. I'm sorry I could never return the gesture in as beautiful as way as you have, but I do believe I have in some way given you the gift of art in creating your own piece. Which is apparently my job, and my role as an artist in society. Despite my return gifts have taken me frickin hours, they are merely a small token of appreciation for the love you have shown me and your willingness to get involved. Love you all, and I'll keep you posted on what I want you to do next, for this is merely the beginning of something which is apprently called 'relational aesthetics'!

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