Wednesday, 18 April 2012

After Vietnam

Wow, what an amazing experience! Giving away the tiles proved to be very wonderful experience, I did tend to move away from the idea of just giving them to people who had nothing, as the project was about 'Art for Everyone' and so I gave them to people I met who just seemed lovely and deserved of a tile. I was so happy I had something to give, that I had made, in return for the generousity and warmth of some such wonderful people. So some went to shopkeepers, hoteliers and travellers etc. as well as the people from the street. I had thought about documenting the giving out of the tiles, photographically or in the form of a diary. But the giving of the tiles was the Art and I did not want the document to become the Art. I could share stories of emotional experiences with street children and fellow humans, but again that would then become the Art. Some people seem to think Art has to be documented for it to be Art, but how ridiculous. I knew what I was doing was Art and so enjoyed the idea of the dissapearance of the end product. The Project was essentially about the role of the artist getting in to peoples lives and houses and delivering them a message of humanity. Please share your comments below. x


  1. I want a debeng tile!!!!! Please debennnnggggggg!! love you..... and happy bertday xx


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