Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Road to Abstraction

Owing to my amazing new Art studio, it would only seem natural that my thoughts have returned to painting. I have always been a painter at heart. If I can express an idea through painting I always will, but thinking more conceptually I believe it is important to choose the medium to suit the idea. As my main focus or theme has been 'The Love of Humanity' I was compelled to use humanity as my medium, and was always blown away by all you amazing peoples support. It was such a pleasure to create art work that makes one feel humbled, as artists we often struggle with our egos. As the aim of many an artist is to create beauty, I was able to say that I had created something beautiful without feeling pretentious, as the beauty lay in you wonderful people that made the projects real and alive. No doubt I will once again be asking for your help again in creating beauty. For I would never be satisfied enough or pretentious enough to use such a powerful adjective to describe any of my paintings!
However, I am excited about my new departure as it is essentially Modernist painting, which is a topic that fascinated me during my MA, and I always felt so jealous of abstract artists who could create such simple, perfect, abstract forms. I am hoping through its simplicity some sort of sense of satisfaction may be within reach.
Anyways its self absorbent, pretentious, modernist painting, and I am wallowing in it! 
Its such a pleasure to be back in love with the medium, high from the turps and ruining all my clothes with the paint again.
Dare I say it, I may even accidentally be producing Art that people may be happy to hang on the walls of their houses! 
Shoot me later, enjoy the journey!

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